Customer Feedback

Capt. Bayzeed is a very Professional person and His Staff are also trained in High degree of Professionalism. He is totally focused on making sure the right candidate is selected for the requested ship.

Mr. V. Sundar - Managing Director

We are happy and Satisfied with the services offered by BNF Shipping Services.

Capt. Shashank Jahagirdar - Head Of Crewing and Marine HR

BNF Shipping Services has always provided valuable support to our satisfaction . The Staff are polite and professional . Service Delivery is High quality.

Mr. Agnel D’Souza - General Manager, FPD

Officer provided by BNF are good and Professional.

Capt. B.K. jha - Managing Director

BNF is well perform with proactive in Crew Matter.

Capt. Matta Kucharoensuk - FPD