Definition of Terms:


Refers to the acceptance to a foreign principal to engage Bangladeshi seafarers for specific ships through a licensed agency for marine employment.


Refers to a foreign person, partnership or corporation engaging and employing Bangladesh seafarers through a licensed manning agency.

Ship owner:

Refers to the owner of the ship or any other organization or person, such as the manager, agent or barefoot charterer, who has assumed the responsibility for operation of the ship from ship owner and who on assuming such responsibilities has agreed to take over all the attendant duties and responsibilities.


Refers to the enlistment to the administration of a vessel by an accredited/registered principal to its appointed manning agent for the purpose of employing seafarers.


Refers to the Director general Shipping Regulations on Seafarers recruitment.


Refers to a licensed manning agency, or to any person, partnership or corporation duly licensed by the Secretary or his duly authorized representative to recruit and deploy seafarers for maritime employment.


BnF Shipping  also referred to as Agency, through its Marketing Department, sends a business proposal to prospective Principal abroad or meets the prospective Principal personally to discuss the terms and conditions stipulated in the compilation of documents inside the brochure. Should the Principal agree to the propositions stipulated in the business proposal the business is followed.

The Agency can deploy the hired seafarers to the Principal.

Complete Requirements for Accreditation of the Principal and Enrollment of the Vessel:

The following documents are required by the Administration prior to accreditation of the Principal and enrollment of the vessel:

  1. Authenticated Manning Agreement and Special Power of Attorney containing among others the responsibilities of both principal and manning agency with respect to the employment of seafarers.
  2. List of vessels and their particulars/vessel specifications, including IMO number.
  3. Crew complement of the principal and their corresponding wage scales.
  4. Principal’s valid business license, registration certificate or equivalent document or proof of existence of business validated or certified by the issuing authority in the host country.
  5. Other documents which the Administration may deem necessary.

The Vessel Specification will reflect the name of the vessel and other pertinent data needed by the Administration prior to its enrollment. The pertinent data needed may be seen as follows:

  1. Name of Principal
  2. Address of Principal
  3. Name of Vessel
  4. Type of Vessel
  5. Ex-Name of Vessel (for new vessel enrollment)
  6. Nationality of Vessel
  7. Gross Tonnage
  8. Port/Flag Registry
  9. Year Built
  10. Type of Engine
  11. Expected Joining Port
  12. Length of Registry
  13. IMO Number
  14. Call Sign

If the vessel assigned to the Agency was previously assigned to another agency in the Bangladesh, The principals will consider on the objective of performance of the company to appoint as sole agent for their crew employment.

Crew Selection, Hiring, and Medical Examination:

With utmost care, the selection and hiring of the seafarers are conducted by the Agency while medical examination is administered by its accredited medical clinic thoroughly. The Agency must ensure that only physically and psychologically qualified seafarers are sent to the Principal’s vessels.

Ticketing and Deployment:

As soon as the seafarers are ready, the Agency will communicate with the Principal to send the plane tickets if needed, either by PTA or by the Principal sending the cash equivalent of the airfare. Once the plane tickets are received, the Agency will deploy the seafarers as soon as possible to meet the vessel’s requirement and avoid delay.